About Siddhivinayak Pratishthan

Siddhivinayak Pratishthan is a distinguished non-governmental organization (NGO) situated in Latur, Maharashtra. Established on March 14, 2014, with the unique NGO registration ID ‘MH/2018/0218637,’ our organization is driven by a profound commitment to uplift the community and make a positive impact in various domains.

Leadership and Members

Dr. Prashant Ramesh Utage
Dr. Prashant Ramesh Utage is a distinguished Pediatric Neurologist and the President of Siddhivinayak Pratishthan. With an MBBS and DNB (Pediatrics) background, he has honed his expertise through a Fellowship in Pediatric Neurology & Epilepsy in Hyderabad.

 He served as the DNB-HOD at Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad, and contributed as a Guest Faculty at the National Institute For Empowerment Of Persons With Disability (NIEPID), Secunderabad. Dr. Utage is also the Director of the Utage Child Development Center, spanning Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. His extensive experience includes a role as an Ex-Consultant Pediatric Neurologist at Rainbow Hospitals. He actively participates as the Secretary of the Association of Pediatric Neurology, Telangana, and as an Executive Body Member of the Association of Child Neurology India, highlighting his commitment to enhancing pediatric neurological care and research. Dr. Prashant Utage is also an Associate Member of the Board Of Genetics in Telangana.

Kiran Ramesh Utage
Mr. Kiran Ramesh Utage serves as the Secretary of Siddhivinayak Pratishthan, contributing significantly to its mission. His previous experience includes a role as an Ex Proof Reader at Ekmat Newspaper, showcasing his attention to detail and dedication.

Additionally, Mr. Utage is a Director at United Bluray Beverages LLP, displaying his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen. He actively participates as an Advisory Committee Member of the Sudarshana Education Society in Ghatkesar, emphasizing his commitment to education and community development. Mr. Utage is also a dedicated member of the Amba Hanuman Mandir NavNirman Committee and is recognized as a passionate social worker, consistently working towards the betterment of society.

Aparna Prashant Utage
Assistant Secretary
Dr. Aparna Prashant Utage brings a wealth of expertise to Siddhivinayak Pratishthan. With a background in BAMS and a postgraduate diploma in Clinical Nutrition, she possesses a deep understanding of healthcare.

Her dedication to early childhood development is evident through her Masters in Child Early Intervention from NIEPID, Secunderabad. Dr. Utage is also certified in Development Assessment Scale for Indian Infants, showcasing her commitment to thorough assessment and care. Her international certification in the sensory integration model from the USA further bolsters her credentials. Additionally, she holds a diploma in Panchkarma, highlighting her holistic approach to well-being. Dr. Utage’s diverse qualifications contribute significantly to the organization’s mission.

Savita Siddhram Maynale
Vice President
Mrs. Savita Sidhram Maynale serves as the Vice President of Siddhivinayak Pratishthan. With extensive experience in the world of fashion, she imparts her knowledge as a Fashion Designer Trainer under the PM Kaushalya Yojana at Icon College, Municipal Corporation Latur.

Her previous role as an Ex-Fashion Designer Trainer at Janshikshan Sansthan in Mumbai showcases her dedication to skill development. Beyond her professional pursuits, Mrs. Maynale has a remarkable track record of community service. She has served as the Secretary of Tuljabhavani Mahila Bachat Gat for 16 years and as the President of Vajreshwari Mahila Bachat Gat for 12 years. Mrs. Maynale’s multifaceted experience and commitment to both education and community development greatly enrich Siddhivinayak Pratishthan’s mission.

Ramesh Santram Wange
Mr. Ramesh Wange, a dedicated member of the Governing Body at Siddhivinayak Pratishthan, brings a wealth of experience and a strong commitment to social welfare. He also serves as the Director of Seven Hills Media Pvt Ltd.

His involvement as a social worker underscores his dedication to making a positive impact on society through various initiatives. Mr. Wange’s diverse background and dedication to social causes contribute significantly to the organization’s mission and vision.

Swati Kiran Utage
GB Member


Siddhivinayak Pratishthan envisions a society where every individual has access to education, healthcare, and opportunities for growth, regardless of their background or circumstances. Our vision is to create a world where each person’s potential is realized, leading to a more inclusive and prosperous community.


Our mission is to serve the community in multifaceted ways, addressing key issues such as education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, and social empowerment. We strive to:

  • Promote Education: We are dedicated to providing quality education and vocational training to underprivileged children and youth, empowering them for a brighter future.

  • Enhance Healthcare: Siddhivinayak Pratishthan works tirelessly to improve healthcare access and services, especially for the elderly, women, and children, ensuring better health outcomes for all.

  • Environmental Conservation: We actively participate in initiatives that focus on environmental preservation and sustainable practices to create a greener, healthier world.

  • Social Empowerment: Our organization is committed to upholding human rights, fostering youth development, and supporting minority communities, promoting social equality and harmony.


Siddhivinayak Pratishthan has set ambitious goals for itself to achieve in the coming years:

  1. Quality Education for All: We aim to expand our educational initiatives to reach more children and provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in life.

  2. Enhanced Healthcare Services: Our goal is to establish and support healthcare programs that cater to the specific needs of the community, ensuring improved health and well-being.

  3. Environmental Stewardship: We aspire to launch and participate in environmental conservation projects that create a sustainable and eco-friendly environment for our community.

  4. Social Equality and Inclusion: Siddhivinayak Pratishthan strives to foster a more inclusive society by advocating for human rights, youth development, and empowerment of marginalized groups.

  5. Youth Empowerment: We are committed to providing mentorship and vocational training to young individuals, equipping them with the skills needed for meaningful employment and personal growth.

Siddhivinayak Pratishthan, along with Umang, stands dedicated to these values and goals, working relentlessly to create a more prosperous and equitable society in Latur, Maharashtra, and beyond.

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